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New compound located in 2 km. distance from Lisi Lake.

Since 2015, construction company Idea Development creates distinctive residential and office spaces in an environmentally friendly areas.

The current project of the company - TIFLISI, represents a new settlement 2 km from Lisi Lake. Here, safe, quiet and cozy environment is being created where every resident has the opportunity to live just 15 minutes from the city center and at the same time enjoy a healthy ecosystem.

The main priority of Idea Development is the comfort of future residents of TIFLISI and the creation of an ecologically clean living environment, which is why the company, along with a team of highly qualified architects selected for the project and high quality certified building materials, takes care of landscaping and greenery.

The project area of the first phase of TIFLISI is 3500 m2 and combines 14 two-storey private houses with a well-maintained, isolated yard. Construction of the project began in February 2019 and was completed in March 2020. During the given period, the houses were gradually handed over to the future residents.

Construction of the second phase of TIFLISI begun in May 2021 and will be completed in the first quarter of 2023. It should be noted that during the given period, the houses, like the first phase of the project, will be handed over to the new residents gradually.

The second phase is located about 500 meters from the first phase. The project area of ​​the current construction is 7100 m2, which includes 20 private houses with individual, well-maintained yard and terrace. The project envisages a house of three different concepts in different sizes.

  • Townhouse - paired type houses, with isolated yard, large terrace, living space from 105 square meters. The project envisages 12 houses
  • Villa - independent house with isolated yard, terrace and pool, living space from 182.5 square meters. The project envisages 6 houses
  • Premium Villa -  individual house with isolated yard, terrace and pool, living space from 266.5 square meters. The project envisages 2 houses

It should be noted that the company tries to adapt to the requirements of the customer as much as possible. That is why the project can be adjusted according to the requirements and wishes of each resident and change the details to their own taste and the rest will be fulfilled by the team of Idea Development.

The houses are sold with the following characteristics:

  • Green or Black frame
  • Finished façade
  • Private garden with fence
  • Well-organized Terrace      
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