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First floor
Second floor
House №9
Complete plot area 234.3
Complete house area 200.7
Living area 150.5
Terrace area 50.2
Yard area 153.9
Number of rooms 5
Living room 1
Bedroom 3
Cabinet 1
Bathroom 2
Number of floors 3
1 sq/m black frame 1067 $
1 sq/m green frame 1102 $
Project status
Completed 30%
In 2 km distance from Lisi Lake
House plan

About project

Technical characteristics of the house

  1. The construction is done with high quality concrete and reinforcing steel materials;
  2. Hydro isolation system is used for roofing;
  3. Thermal insulation is used on façade;
  4. The Spring areas and the balcony are designed with freezeproof ceramo-granite tiles;
  5. Utilities (communication services: gas, electricity, water, sewerage system) are provided;

The characteristics of the house for sale

  1. Finished façade – designed with wood material and high-quality paint exclusively used for the façade coating;
  2. A balcony with glass railing;
  3. Aluminum doors and windows;
  4. Interior stairs built with concrete-steel composite construction;
  5. The walls in the interior of the house are plastered;
  6. According to the project provided, the communication services are fully efficient, including electricity, water supply, sewerage and central heating systems;


In case of buying a house, the owner will be given a garden as part of his/her property (The size of the garden depends on the house)
  1. Iron-wood fence with special gate for automobiles and entrance door is installed in the garden.
  2. The garden is designed with grass tiles and grass.
  3. General sewerage system is installed in the settlement.
The black frame
The green frame
Total cost
Initial contribution
Min. 30%
Loan duration
Max. 12 month
Monthly payment
Minimum deposit
Maximum deposit
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